Foods Not To Give To Your Dog — THIS WILL SHOCK YOU


Baby Food — Many people attempt to offer baby meals to puppies, particularly when they are sick. In general, baby meals aren’t horrible. However, be sure the baby food you’re feeding doesn’t have any onion powder in it. Furthermore, infant meals do not include all of the nutrients that a healthy dog need.


Cooked Bones — While raw bones are good for your dog’s teeth, cooked bones might be harmful to his health. Cooked bones are more brittle, which means they’re more likely to shatter and injure your dog inside.


Alcohol — You should not even give your dog a taste of alcohol, much less allow him to ingest excessive amounts of it. Beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks contain poisonous chemicals that are harmful to dogs. Poor breathing, abnormal acidity, drunkenness, loss of coordination, and even coma and/or death in dogs may all be caused by alcohol.


Apple Seeds — Amygdlin, a kind of cyanide, is found in apple seeds. It might make it difficult for blood to deliver oxygen throughout the body. Apple seeds should be avoided by your dog.


Human vitamins — Some human vitamins, particularly fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, and E, may be hazardous to dogs. Iron pills may also harm the lining of your dog’s digestive tract and poison his liver and kidneys. So, don’t give your vitamins to your dog, particularly pups.



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