5 Secret Facts About Money

Money is likely more spoken about than any other topic. The rationale is not implausible. Money is the only tool or vehicle used in modern trade. There isn’t a market on the planet that doesn’t need money to do business.

Because money is so important, many of the conflicts that have been fought and are currently being fought have indeed been motivated by it. Money has caused marriages to fall apart. Money has driven people to commit suicide and murder. Someone takes ownership of the church’s treasury, not always to enthrone transparency and accountability, but to have unrestricted access to money, hence splinter organizations have developed among churches and other religious organisations. Because of the money, board meetings have devolved into cheap political maneuvering and boot licking. Money has produced a never-ending litany of problems.

The following are some money secrets to assist you succeed in your legal quest of wealth:

1. Money Has the Ability to Grow:

Those who have gained money honestly and independently will tell you that they began their paths to riches with some “peanuts” known as seed capital. They have been able to turn little sums of money into large estates because they understand how to grow money. You should pity a guy who inherits a million dollars without first becoming a billionaire in his heart, according to Jim Rohn. Take a look about you now and see how many people who inherited money were able to maintain or expand it.

A question in a business publication once asked readers to pick between ten million dollars and a single penny that may double in value every 45 days. Many people picked the $10,000,000.00 in answer to the puzzle in the journal’s next issue. It was then revealed that a single penny would be worth more than $360,000,000,000.00 after 45 days. The conclusion of the story is that there is no such thing as modest change. If we discover a beneficial purpose for the money we dislike today because of its value/size, it might become quite meaningful. Many people have squandered so-called “loose change” that might have developed and made them wealthy over time. The stock market is a true breeding place for money to develop into enormous sums. During his tenure in the public service, there was a tale of a civil worker who continuously invested in shares. When he died, his shares left his children with a tidy sum of $625,000.00. Because the money he invested was tiny, the wise man might have spent it on shares in pepper soup places to see what they developed to become over time.

2. Money Can Move:

Money follows the route of least resistance, just as electricity follows the path of least resistance. Someone once remarked that if all the money in the world were collected and given equally to every human person on the planet, the money would eventually redistribute itself back to its original owners in about the same proportion as before the even distribution.

Henry Ford (the guy who gained his fortune by making inexpensive automobiles for Americans) once remarked that if all of his money and company were destroyed in a catastrophe, he would invent a new money spinner. You can convert any scenario into a chance to generate serious money if you know how to make money flow in your favour.

When a man is destitute but has gifted and smart children, his poverty cannot last forever since money will ultimately flow to him via his offspring. I can’t fathom Bill Gates’ father being hungry his whole life. Why? Because his smart child son has brought money into his household.

When a wealthy man is inherited by illiterate children who refuse to learn how to earn and develop money instead preferring to waste their inheritance, the riches of their father will quickly become history because money moves.

3. Money Can Die:

Everything we’ve seen so far indicates that money can die. Coming into rapid fortune without possessing the attitude of the wealthy is the single worst murderer of money. One wise man once observed that the darkest hour of a man’s life is when he gets down to plan how to spend money he didn’t earn. People may get wealthy overnight in a variety of ways. Unless these ‘fortunate’ ones learn a thing or two about money, they will find themselves in the same financial predicament as before they became wealthy.

4. Money Reacts To Specific Stimuli:

As previously said, money goes to where there are ideas. Passion for what you do is the number one factor that money reacts to, according to those who have made it big. I’m referring to earning money legally. Many people have been duped into thinking that the only way to become wealthy is via corruption. The opposite could not be farther from the truth. Anyone who can address man’s issues in a certain field and is enthusiastic about it will earn money in the long run.

The wealthy are very enthusiastic about their work. You’re slaving if Friday is your happiest day of the week because you won’t have to work on Saturday, or Sunday nights are your saddest times of the week because you’ll have to work the following day. Money will come to you if you work from your heart and solve difficulties for others.

Those who like their employment boost the number of people who frequent them. By increasing your client base, you are able to convert everyone of them into an apostle. They become non-commissioned salespeople who promote your services or goods to others. If you don’t start cutting costs, wealth will come naturally. Many failing company owners will blame their failures on the government and the economy, but if they are really honest with themselves, they will realize that they never cared about providing value to their consumers. It was just a matter of time until their businesses failed.

5. Money is Neutral:

This is one of the most reassuring truths regarding money and life in general! Anyone who wishes to be successful may achieve it. Many people who profess to desire to be successful in life just give it lip regard. People of diverse temperaments, backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities, occupations, and intellectual quotients have created money. The reason for this is that money is a neutral medium.

Money will flow in your way as long as you provide value to the marketplace. This has very little to do with who you are and everything to do with what you do. Many people stay impoverished because they feel that money belongs only to the wealthy and privileged. As a result, they are unable to perform at their best. Everything they do is influenced by their attitude. When they ‘infect’ their offspring with the same mental conditioning, it becomes a generational disability.

The fact about money is that it is not related to anybody through blood. It doesn’t have a father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandmother, siblings, or relatives. It, too, has no native country. At one time, an American (Bill Gates) was the wealthiest individual on the planet. Nigeria has the potential to generate the next wealthiest guy on the planet if someone in Nigeria adds value to the market that exceeds the richest man’s current worth. This is far from impossible; all it requires is a deep confidence in the neutrality of money.

According to a poll performed in the United States of America on a sample of 100 billionaires who acquired their fortunes on their own, 80% of them originated from low-income homes, 20% from middle-class families, and none from upper-class families. The poll reveals that money is a neutral medium.

Finally, money has no regard for age, gender, ethnicity, or color. In reality, it is unconcerned with who owns it.



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Irish by birth and a Rebel by nature. You can support me as a writer by joining Medium through my referrals page ( endasheridan.medium.com/membership) Thanks